Now Is The Time To Visit Brazil

With the Football World Cup fever over Brazil is likely to see a plummet in holiday goers and this just might make it the ideal time to visit for any one who is looking far a field but wants to get the most out of their budget! Brazil has long been loved for its culture, beaches and vibrant characters, and there is so much diversity from area to area making it a place you won’t get tired of exploring.

There are a wealth of places for you to visit from the obvious and awe-inspiring Christ the Redeemer to the more real and thought inducing favelas. Here is a list of our necessary tourist spots in Brazil.

Corcovado Mountain

What better place to start than the mountain that is home to Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue. Standing at an impressive 39-metres, the statue overlooks the city and is a spot that gives you some exceptional views. The mountain is accessible by car and this is both good and a downfall as there will be plenty of other tourists coming and going too, so try to pick a good time for the best views and least tourists.

If this tourist hotspot doesn’t strike your fancy then you might want to make the move across to Guanabara Bay, where you can get beautiful 360 degree views from the Museu de Arte Contemporanae.

The Favelas

If you were to climb one of the hills you can view from the Museu de Arte then you would come across one of the hundreds of favela slums of Brazil. In fact 20 per cent of Rio’s population live in them!

One of the most foreigner-friendly favelas is Vidigal, it has bars, restaurants and guesthouses and even a sushi restaurant that is aimed at tourists. It isn’t quite what you would expect from a favela and it is a relatively small and picturesque place, go for an hour-long walk up its trail and you will come to a point where you have amazing views over the Atlantic.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of some of the favelas, of course there are the more dangerous ones but for the likes of Vidigal it is recommended that you simply respect the locals and make a contribution to the local business and you will be entirely welcomed.

Copacabana Palace hotel

If you are looking to splash a bit of cash on what could be a once in a lifetime trip then why not do it in style by staying and the newly refurbished Copacabana Palace Hotel? The famous area palace has received a modern and more contemporary makeover, making it feel much more like a beach hotel over its previous stuffy look. Get a beach facing room and you will be rewarded with some incredible views from the beautiful sands of the beach to the reflected blue of the ocean. There is also a unique beachfront highway that creates an eye-catching urban addition to this natural wonder.

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